XTF-85 Pre-filtered Socket

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Professional quality DSL filtered socket.

The XTF pre-filtered socket contains the same high quality filter as the highly respected XF-1e. Allows connection of telephone equipment without using separate microfilters.

The XTF-85 is a standard size 85mm socket and can be used to replace an existing telephone socket or add a new extension. Can be either surface monted using the supplied back box or installed flush mounted on an existing recessed socket box.

Easy Installation with screw terminal connectors for incoming connection and IDC terminals on the rear allow connection of additional hardwired telephone extensions. Ideal for people who would rather not have filters plugged in to the telephone socket or situations where equipment must be hardwired to the line such as alarm systems.

Compatible with ADSL, ADSL+, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL (Including FTTC services such as BT Infinity).

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