About Tandy

Tandy has been the home of electronics since 1973 when the first UK Tandy shop opened to serve the needs of electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists. Today at Tandy we are returning to those original roots that made Tandy a leading electronics brand throughout the UK.

If you love electronics then you will love our online store.

Recently there has been a strong resurgence of interest in hobby electronics and general hobby construction. With the Internet making it easier than ever for people to find interesting projects and to collaborate with others who share the same interests. With the maker scene expanding and the number of open community development tools growing daily the possibilities are almost endless.

Our products range from simple components like resistors and LEDs to ready-to-build kits and development boards. We search out and select the most useful components you may need, making it easier for you to create awesome projects at affordable prices. We follow carefully the latest developments in electronics and technology and are continually adding to our range so we can bring you the items you want.

We are passionate about bringing you the pieces to make your electronics and DIY projects possible and are always keen to hear from customers with suggestions for new products.

Don't forget ordering is easy, no hidden charges and no minimum order value. Any order any size delivered for just £2 using our standard delivery.

At Tandy, we care for our customers. Place your order today and have fun creating.


From all of us at Tandy - Thank you for your support!

Darren Grant
Chief Executive