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Ethernet ADSL Modem

X-Modem M3, Ethernet ADSL Modem meets the needs of customers who are looking for the stability and flexibility of an Ethernet connected modem.

Our unique Live IP 2 technology means that the public IP address issued by the Internet service provider is passed-through from the modem to the host to enable full compatibility with the widest range of software & games.

Ethernet connectivity eliminates the need for specialist drivers allowing the modem to be connected to an Ethernet equipped PC for instant use. As drivers are not required for Ethernet connectivity the X-modem can be used with a wide range of systems such as Linux, Unix, MacOS 9, MacOS X. As well as computers the X-Modem makes the ideal companion to 
Wireless Broadband Routers, that come as standard with an Ethernet WAN interface.

Easy Installation
The X-modem is an external device, making installation very simple and straightforward without the need to open up your computer. The X-Modem is ideally suited for Notebook PCs which don't have expansion slots. 
Quick and Easy Setup – The X-Modem comes pre-configured to work with UK ADSL standards. Web browser based configuration makes it easy to set-up the X-Modem on any computer that has a web browser. The Quick & Easy installer will guide you through the configuration.

This product is now Discontinued.

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