SMT Test Socket - TQFP-32 Breakout

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TQFP-32 to 32 pin DIP adaptor.

You know those ZIF sockets we have for DIP chips? Well these are just like that but for SMT parts! Yeah, that's right, now you can program and test out your favorite new parts in TQFP-32 packages. This test sockets is good for any QFP-32 in a 7mm square body. Simply open the latch, place the chip in carefully and then close the top over it. The chip is held securely against gold 'fingers' in the socket. 

The socket is soldered onto a pair of PCBs that turn it into, essentially, a 32 pin DIP with 0.6" spacing that can be breadboarded fairly easily. 

Please note: Pin #1 on the "DIP" pinout does not line up with pin #1 of the QFP chip. The QFP's pin #1 is at DIP #5 

The test socket is a high quality, Japanese construction from Yamaichi

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