NTE-5a Master Socket

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BT style master socket. -Discontinued-

The NTE-5a Master Socket is the modern type of master socket as fitted to BT lines from the mid 80's onward. This is the type of socket that our XTE-2005 and NTE-2005 filtered faceplates can be fitted to.

The NTE-5a consists of three parts, a surface-mounting box, the NTE-5a front section incorporating a test socket, and the standard removable faceplate.

This socket enables the XTE-2005 or NTE-2005 filtered faceplate to be fitted where no existing NTE-5a socket exists.

Under the terms of your contract with BT the subscriber is not permitted to make any alterations to the wiring that leads into the house from the street. There will usually be a junction box or socket where the incoming wire is terminated inside the house. This is where BT pass responsibility to the subscriber. Subscribers are free to make modifications to the wiring from this point on.

Line IDC terminals A and B are provided on the rear of the NTE-5a socket for the incoming line to be connected. Our NTE-5a are made to BT's own specification and are essentially the same as those installed by BT. There is however no BT logo as only only BT are able to supply them with their logo. This is the very latest version of the NTE5 socket complete with ring filter as found in the BT iPlate.

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