LF347N Quad J–FET operational amplifier

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LF347N high speed J–FET input quad operational amplifier incorporating well matched, high voltage J–FET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit.
Low-cost high performance JFET input op-amp that will directly replace and out-perform the 741 in most applications. The device is low noise, has distortion figures of less than 0.02% over the audio band, high slew rate (13V/µs), high input impedance (1012Ω) and wide bandwidth. The 347, internal amplifier isolation is 120dB. Additionally, the accurately matched JFET inputs provide very low input bias and offset currents. It is most important that input voltages never go more negative than the negative supply voltage or the device will be destroyed. The ICs are ideal for audio circuits, as well as fast D/A convertors, high speed integrators and sample-and-hold circuits. The 347 is supplied in a 14-pin DIL package and is a quad version.
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