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All you need to know, and a whole lot more you never thought to ask about the 555 timer. Simply described and with a host of practical circuit designs.

Every so often a device appears that is so useful that one wonders how life went on before without it. The 555 timer is such a device.

It was first manufactured by Signetics but is now manufactured by almost every semiconductor manufacturer in the world and is inexpensive and very easily obtainable.

Included in this book are basic and general circuits, motor car and model railway circuits, alarms and noise-makers as well as a section on 556, 558 and 559 timers.

A reference book of invaluable use to all those who have any interest in electronics, be they professional engineers or designers, students or hobbyists.

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ISBN 978 0 85934 047 2
Author E. Parr
Format Paperback
Pages 144
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