Tandy 1A (1000mA) Universal Power Supply

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UK mains adaptor with adjustable output voltage.

Our high efficiency switch mode universal power supply unit can be used to power and charge a wide range of electronic devices. Using the latest switch mode power supply technology this small lightweight power supply can supply up to 1A (1000mA) to power your equipment.

7 selectable voltages.

  • 3V
  • 4.5V
  • 5V
  • 6V
  • 7.5V
  • 9V
  • 12V

Supplied with 6 reversable interchangeable DC connectors to suit most devices.

  • 2.5mm Jack Plug
  • 3.5mm Jack Plug
  • 5.5mm Outer Diameter x 2.1mm Centre Barrel Connector
  • 5.5mm Outer Diameter x 2.5mm Centre Barrel Connector
  • 3.5mm Outer Diameter x 1.35mm Centre Barrel Connector
  • 4.0mm Outer Diameter x 1.7mm Centre Barrel Connector

Supplied with integrated UK mains plug.

For indoor use only. 

Buying Advice

Buying a power supply is quite simple as the equipment will have specifications on a label or in the manual that indicates the power source required.

VOLTAGE (V): It is very important that the power supply voltage matches that required by the equipment being powered. The Tandy Universal Power Supply has a user selectable voltage so it is a simple case of selecting the voltage to match the requirements. Selecting a voltage that is to low will not damage the equipment but it may not be sufficient to power the device. Using a voltage that is too high may damage or destroy your equipment.

CURRENT (A): Equipment consumes a certain amount of current. For the equipment to work properly the power supply must be able to supply the required amount of current. If the current supplied is not high enough the equipment may not function as expected and the strain put on the power supply may cause it to fail. Unlike the voltage however the current rating of the power supply can exceed that required for your device. If for example your device requires 250mA (0.25A) or 500mA (0.5A) it is absolutely fine to power it using this 1A power supply.

This item replaces catalogue numbers 273-7004 & 273-7005

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