100nF Class X2 capacitor

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275VAC Class X2 radial capacitor.

A metallised polyester suppression class X2 radial capacitor sealed in a protective plastic which is both solvent resistant and flame retardant. A highly reliable, non-inductive wound construction, wide temperature range, very high stability. Approved from CEBEC, CSA, DEMKO, FIMKO, IMQ, KEMA, NEMKO, SEMKO, SEV, UL, VDE Commonly used as a RF suppressor in switch mode power supplies to stop the PSU from injecting RF noise on to the mains circuit. If your old power supply begins to give off smoke this is the most likely cause especially, a popular item for vintage computer owners such as the TRS-80 and BBC Micro.

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Capacitance Value 100nF (0.1µF)
Tolerance 10%
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
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