Adafruit OLED Breakout Board - 16-bit Color 1.27" w/microSD holder

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OLED Breakout Board - 16-bit Color 1.27" w/microSD holder

We love our black and white monochrome displays but we also like to dabble with some colour now and then. Adafruit's 1.27" colour OLED displays are perfect when you need a small display with vivid, high-contrast 16-bit colour. The visible portion of the OLED measures 1.27" diagonal and contains 128x96 RGB pixels, each one made of red, green and blue OLEDs. Each pixel can be set with 16-bits of resolution for a large range of colors. Because the display uses OLEDs, there is no backlight, and the contrast is very high (black is really black). We picked this display for its excellent colour, this is the nicest mini OLED we could find!

This OLED uses the SSD1351 driver chip, which manages the display. You can talk to the driver chip using 4-wire write-only SPI (clock, data, chip select, data/command and an optional reset pin). Included on the fully assembled breakout is the OLED display and a small boost converter (required for providing 12V to the OLED) and a microSD card holder. This design includes built-in logic level shifting so you can use it with 3-5VDC power and logic levels. Adafruit provides example code that shows how to read a bitmap from the uSD card and display it all via SPI.

Of course, Adafruit wouldn't just leave you with a datasheet and wish you "good luck!" - a full open source graphics library that can draw pixels, lines, rectangles, circles, text and bitmaps as well as example code is available from Adafruit. The code is written for Arduino but can be easily ported to your favorite microcontroller!

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